CSS Media Queries For Responsive Websites

Building a websites to be responsive and user friendly on mobile, tablet and desktop is a must. With the help of responsive CSS libraries like Bootstrap, Foundation, etc there are now CSS media queries that drastically help when creating unique design or stylings across the three main platforms. While there are many more CSS media […]

AngularJS: Creating a simple API Promise Factory

Many Angular applications require external API calls to Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) data. Creating a reusable API factory simplifies the API call process by introducing a global CRUD object that can be used across all of your controllers. Promises are a core feature of AngularJS and uses the $http service to perform HTTP GETs, […]

Install Angular.JS, Node.JS, Express and MongoDB with Bootstrap using NPM in under 10 minutes

To setup a base installation of Angular.JS and Node.js with NPM you will first want to install Node.JS and NPM Next we will launch Command Prompt and initialize a new project. Create a new folder in your project library and navigate to the folder using Command Prompt. Once in the folder, type npm init. This […]

I will help you customize, fix, speed up or modify your WordPress blog or website

Do you have a Plugin that is not working correctly or want it to work differently? Is your Theme not functioning as intended or want the design updated? Is your WordPress website slow, showing errors or getting tons of spam? If you want your WordPress website/blog to act differently you have come to the right […]

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Organic growth is by far the best long term strategy for obtaining permanent front page search engine recognition. Without pay per click (PPC) advertising campaigns, the only way to obtain visits to your site is through some form of organic growth. Organic growth is a never ending process to develop website content, website popularity (visitors) […]

Organic SEO and Niche Marketing

Niche marketers tend to use an organic growth approach for marketing their products. A niche product is typically a very specific product oriented toward one sales angle. For example: Building Chicken Coops compared to Everything About Chickens or The 60 Yard Dash instead of Baseball Speed Training. What this allows for is a much less […]

AngularJS: Loading spinner during view state changes and API calls

AngularJS allows developers to create powerful web applications in a seamless, single-page experience. However, during state changes and API calls it’s important to indicate to the visitor that the next view or API response is still processing. Without a loading spinner it can feel as though nothing is happening while back-end API calls complete and […]