Why you should supplement your Etsy store with your own website

Running an online store on Etsy is a great way to begin your business and create traction for your products and brand. Etsy has been around for years and still ranks as the #1 website for finding and purchasing custom and homemade products but has become relatively overcrowded. Additionally, stores that have been there longest seem get a higher priority and have grabbed large portions of the Etsy market share, making it harder for new stores to jump in to the game successfully.

Etsy and Your Business

It’s important to note that by running your online store through Etsy that you are providing Etsy with the search engine optimization benefits of having your products on their website. This goes a step further once you begin setting up your store as features and customization options are limited to what Etsy provides – which can be good and bad. Once you find yourself in the position of wanting to add a new feature to your store that Etsy doesn’t offer you are pretty well out of luck on that platform.

Store Management and Order Processing

Etsy was, and still is, one of the best online store management systems on the internet. Etsy had full blown content management, product management and order processing figured out well before many websites on the internet which gave people an easy entry point to create their online store and begin taking online order in just a few short hours of setup.

There have been big advances in online store management across the web. Companies like squarespace and wix have built a strong reputation for providing fully-functioning and feature rich online stores that run directly through your own domain name.

Owning Your Own Store

Companies like squarespace and wix give you complete control of your online store, content pages, blog and more while completely hiding their services and branding on your own website. This allows you to have full control over design, flow and functionality so when you have an idea for a cool new feature on your website you are far less limited to adding it your website or online store.

Creating Your Online Presence

Launching your website and online store through your own domain name is the first step to building your own online presence for your products and brands. It also gives you full control to decide on what SEO keywords your website should focus on ranking well for. Etsy Rank is a very strong identifier for how well your own Etsy store will rank for product and store keywords – the same basic principles apply to your website search engine optimization, only this way your SEO is directly improving your own websites rankings.

Making The Move Isn’t All That Hard

Opening your new online store is a lot easier than one might think. Both companies offer incredibly easy installation wizards that address 1) buying your domain name 2) connecting your domain name 3) initial configuration of your store, including design and online store settings.


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