Using Google Trends To Find Relevant Content To Write About, Drive Traffic and Boost Organic SEO

Google Trends offers trend information about keywords and the amount of traffic that keywords have received over time.

The feature offers insights into what country (and states) the search traffic is coming from and additional search details like the topics and queries that are being commonly searched for including “breakout” keywords that are receiving more search attention than normal. The amount of information returned will vary based on your niche keyword.

When trying to get more traffic to your website, it’s important to know your target keywords. It’s also important to drive relevant traffic to your website using your primary and secondary keywords to give your website a full range of information – both in the eyes of your visitors and in search engines.

When I want to drive more traffic to my website I will often use Google Trends to give me new secondary keywords that are trending around my topic. Let’s take a look:

The Example

I have a website dedicated to delivering information and products related to canine hip dysplasia and canine arthritis. The website is Using Google Trends I will create a new WordPress category and additional blog posts pertaining to the new keywords, we will then share our new links on several different social media websites and related blogs.

The Keyword: Dog Arthritis

Dog arthritis is a trending keyword that is getting more and more attention both by dog owners and veterinarians. There are a number of trending topics and queries that we can choose from, write about and build strong search engine recognition for.

Using Google Trends To Find Keywords

If your keyword does not have enough data or is trending downwards, you may want to think about if your niche is too specific or declining in relevance and there isn’t enough traffic to build a website around.

Finding useful keywords and resulting articles to write about is fairly easy. First off, there are some topic and queries responses that simply don’t pertain to the keyword – skip those. Next, keep on eye on any breakout or high %+ increase keywords, these are high-value phrases to think about adding to your website.

Query and Topic Analysis

Using the above list, there are a number of keywords that I believe would help drive relevant traffic to my website about canine hip dysplasia and arthritis in dogs.

Just scanning the queries, we can write a number of blog posts focusing on a number of different keywords:

“Can you give a dog over the counter pain medication” and also list dog-safe medications. This also gives me a chance to upsell any of my Amazon Merchant products, for instance, the orthopedic dog bed, supplements, and vitamins for joint health and mobility etc.

“Gabapentin” is a commonly prescribed medication for dogs with arthritis and hip dysplasia. Writing articles about this medication such as “why do dogs get prescribed Gabapentin”, “Side effects of Gabapentin”,  “alternatives for Gabapentin”, “how does Gabapentin work in dogs with arthritis” will help my website rank for this supplement when people are searching for information.

Extracting Additional Data

Many of the returned queries are part of my primary keyword list and I have already written extensively about so I would skip those or specifically search those keywords in Google Trends to find secondary keywords related to those. For instance, “dog arthritis symptoms” is a primary keyword with numerous secondary keywords to write about. Google Trends helps you to find those secondary keywords.

If you change the search time range and category settings you can get some interesting related queries results. This can give you an opportunity to see even more focus topics and queries to possibly add as content to your website.

Writing Articles and Finding Products Related To Your New Keywords

Now that we have a new list of articles and product ideas to write about, it’s important to do just that. Whether you write the articles yourself or outsource the work the content you publish on your website needs to be genuine and well-written or visitors won’t stay and you won’t rank well for your niche keywords.

One of the easiest ways to sell affiliate products is to become an Amazon Merchant. This allows you to search the Amazon Product database for relevant products and gives you a number of integration options for your website. A trending topic in canine arthritis and hip dysplasia is the use of CBD (Cannabis) supplementation for pain reduction. This is a product I can find on Amazon and sell as an affiliate through my website.

Amazon Merchant Center has thousands of affiliate enabled products to chose from and can also help you think of new content to write about. For instance, Amazon sales doggy wheel-chairs that range from $200 to $500 and is another niche my website can cover.

Driving Traffic And Generating Backlinks

There are a number of methods to drive traffic to your website. Some of my favorites for generating traffic is to use Reddit and Facebook Groups, by both posting the website articles and commenting on relevant topics it will help drive visitors to your website articles and products.

To create new backlinks you want to find relevant websites that allow comments on their articles or blog posts. Write well-written and unique responses and link your website URL, with any luck the website owners will moderate and approve your comment – generating a new backlink for your website and article.

Website Freshness and Organic Search Results

When Google Trends displays topics and queries the breakout and +% increase are important indicators that people are searching for these keywords at a higher rate and volume. Being the website that generates targeted traffic and backlinks to these focused keywords likely gives your website a better chance of ranking higher, not only these for these secondary keywords but your primary keywords because your website is continually adapting and adding content to match the search queries of your visitors.

A website that doesn’t update their content regularly is given a “stale” rating and will have a harder time ranking for their niche keywords.

Content Is King

Having content on your website is important but the quality, style, and display of the content are even more important. Make sure your website loads fast, your articles flow well from paragraph to paragraph and most importantly is even worth reading. The bounce rate and time on site is typically a strong indicator of whether or not your visitors are reading your content and staying on your website. Taking an honest look at these two statistics will help to determine if your content on your website is working. If your content is good but people aren’t staying it may be your website experience and how the content is displayed to the user or possibly a website speed / load time issue.

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