Niche Marketing and Organic SEO

Niche marketers tend to use an organic growth approach for marketing their products. A niche product is typically a very specific product oriented toward one sales angle. For example: Building Chicken Coops compared to Everything About Chickens or The 60 Yard Dash instead of Baseball Speed Training. What this allows for is a much less saturated and far less competitive marketing angle that can generate loads traffic (and income) for years.

Understand Niche Marketing

There are hundreds of thousands of baseball players developing their game ranging from 12 to 25 years old. During the off seasons baseball players will typically work on speed, endurance, and overall athleticism while working on their strength and overall batting power during play season. Over 100,000 searches a month for the term “Baseball Speed Training” occur on Google while about 10,000 searches a month occur for the “60 Yard Dash” – a crucial test scouts use to determine the overall speed of a potential drafty.

It is obvious that it is nearly impossible to out rank existing websites on larger keyword terms like “Everything About Chickens” and “Baseball Speed Training”. However, digging down slightly further into specific sub-topics can generate loads of potential websites opportunities that can obtain front page search engine recognition with the right tools and dedication to the topic.

Understand Organic Growth

Organic growth is the ‘old-fashioned’ way of gaining search engine exposure and online profitability. Organic growth is the most cost efficient and profitable method of website development and search engine optimization. With out advertising campaigns, organic growth is the key ingredient driving your websites search engine ranking higher and higher. Companies and typical marketers are not as familiar with organic growth and lack the knowledge to build and develop a search engine optimized website and must resort to advertising campaigns and costly cost-per-click (CPC) services.

Organic Growth Ingredients

  • Back-links/In-links – The number of websites linking to your website
  • Content – The amount of relevant content (with keyword optimization)
  • Time – The amount of time that has passed sense first indexed (Google has a large bias toward websites with age)

It’s important to understand that they are ingredients, without one your website will never start to “cook” and you will surely fail. Organic growth is based on visitor loyalty, search engine trust, and websites linking back to you. Combined, you will have a truly reputable and profitable business venture that is not dependent on costly advertising campaigns.

Methods and Operations To Increase Organic Growth

It’s important to understand that every website is being rated by search engines everyday. The amount of new content, daily visitors and backlinks are collected and averaged to determine how well a website is trending positively or negatively and this is how search engines manage your page rank for the keywords your site is oriented toward.

Increasing the speed at which organic growth occurs is relatively simple, but requires dedication to the topic and commitment to tedious tasks. Constant and rapid development of content and continuously creating backlinks to your website via Digg, StumbleUpon, and the countless hundred other social networking services will drastically increase the rate at which search engine trust and loyalty is generated, therefor the faster you move up the search engine ranks.

The Benefits

  • Literally no money is involved, and success is only limited by dedication
  • You have a permanent online presence and ability to grow and develop
  • Website profitability is secondary to relevant and engaging content

Combined, a well reputed and search engine optimized website will be forged with very little start-up costs and a potential for permanent and exponential growth outperforming any other marketing technique.

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