I will help you customize, fix, speed up or modify your WordPress blog or website

  • Do you have a Plugin that is not working correctly or want it to work differently?
  • Is your Theme not functioning as intended or want the design updated?
  • Is your WordPress website slow, showing errors or getting tons of spam?

If you want your WordPress website/blog to act differently you have come to the right gig. I am a full-time WordPress developer working in Chicago, Illinois and I’ve helped numerous WordPress powered websites and blogs ranging from small mom-and-pop shops to companies getting hundreds of thousands of unique visits a month. I can modify theme designs, create page templates, optimize your load time, fix errors and more.

Fixing WordPress problems and errors can be troublesome and intimidating for some people

“I Want My Site To Do This” is a common starting point when I get requests to update blogs. Your job is (likely) not to be a website programmer or designer and you would rather spend your time and energy optimizing your website in other ways – like new blog posts, pages and better engaging your audience. I will help you identify in a very clear and concise way what exactly needs to be done to accomplish your goals. Once both parties are clear about what needs to be delivered we talk price.

Theme & Plugin Installations & Configuration can actually be a lot more work then you might expect. Many people buy WordPress themes from ThemeForest or iThemes expecting their website to look and function just like the demo’s but often times there is a relatively large setup process involved to get your theme to work. There are also some WordPress Plugins which will only work through editing your WordPress Theme files. If a WordPress Plugin or Theme fails to install correctly with the automatic method, be aware that there might be an issue with the Plugin/Theme and your version of WordPress, your server access or other compatibility issues.

WordPress Theme & Plugin customizations are one of the most frequent requests I get. Many times an individual or business outgrows the current theme or plugin and wish that it worked in a different way. Customizing themes and plugins takes a strong understanding of not only the core WordPress architecture but also the many different ways plugin authors can decide to program their tool or design. I can customize nearly any WordPress theme or plugin to act or function differently and is guaranteed to work flawlessly.

WordPress Errors & Bugs are more common then you would think and you’re certainly not the only person who has run out of ideas for how to fix it. “But I don’t even know what I did wrong!” – Simply activating a new plugin that has just one compatibility issue can completely crash your entire website. I have solved hundreds of the most common WordPress errors experienced by WordPress users and dove into the most unique, far-fetched issues with a 100% success rate. When you login to your WordPress blog and look at the dashboard do you see a bunch of errors? An Internal Server Error on your homepage? Database connection problems? Is a Blank Page loading instead of your theme? I can solve it.


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About Me

Senior Application Developer. Focused on WordPress, Magento, Web Security & Server Optimization. I also contribute to open source projects when I can.

I have a growing family and spend most of my free time with them, working on my personal health and fitness or small home improvement projects.