Driving Traffic To Your Website Using Reddit

Sense the early 90’s internet marketing has been the leading force expanding the internet’s scope and power by generating billions of dollars. Over the past few years, online profitability and social networking have merged together into the online version of the “Wild Wild West”. Social networking, fused straight out of the depths of tech savvy internet marketers was labeled and packaged with a smiling face and most importantly free service and launched with a remarkably successful world wide frenzy to Tweet, and Reddit, and Stumble anything and everything under the sun.

Niche Marketing
Niche marketing is a very profitable and relatively simple form of online marketing. Rather then trying to take an entire pie, it is much easier to single out an individual piece and then work your way around from there, steadily advancing your power over that delicious pie (sorry, I think I want pie!). Additionally, most competition I have had to beat were created several years ago and are largely successful due to their age, backlinks, visitors and search engine trust they’ve obtained over the years but lack sufficient keyword optimization and have horrible HTML/CSS design resulting in many cross browser validation issues.

Redditin Along
Reddit is primarily designed to increase traffic to websites, news tidbits, or videos that are trending upward. The most active Reddits are published on the front page and can generate THOUSANDS of unique visitors in just minutes to a website fortunate enough to make it there. For my use, and niche marketers in general our Reddit’s won’t ever make it to the front page of Reddit, but they will make it to the front page of search engines on specific keywords. During initial launch of a website, the primary source of visitors will come directly from your Reddits. I consistently achieved over 30 visitors a day during the first week (a crucial time for search engine indexing) and growth only increased exponentially after that.

user_groupOur Reddit Goal
Whether a website launch or renovation Reddit substantially increases your overall online presence and search engine ranking. Reddit only allows one direct link per URL, so multi-paged websites reap the benefit of more backlinks. Not only will Google index each of your pages it also creates a direct backlink to your site form a very reputable domain (PageRank 8). A developing website that is on page 30 over Google can have a Reddit linking directly to the same site on page 2 of the same keyword. I personally create a Reddit for each and every URL I have. I am still ever amazed at how much traffic Reddit (and other social networking websites) has sent my way and the page rank they have achieved.

How does Search Engines, Niche Marketing, and Reddit all come together?
It’s relatively simple, Reddit has a Page Rank of 8 making it a very reputable backlink to your websites. Every website that I’ve created has been built from the ground up, each was submitted to Reddit, and each where found in the top 5 pages of Google in less than 24 hours of launch. Not only does this give you an almost immediate source of free traffic, it drastically decreases the time waiting for Google (and other Search Engines) to naturally crawl and index your websites.

Because niche marketing is typically directed toward a specific sub-section of a larger topic it is much much easier to gain first page search engine exposure, especially if you are familiar with content management systems and social networking. Using WordPress (or any other content management system) drastically improves your ability to move up search engine ranking and is designed completely hand in hand with standards compliance and search engine indexing procedures.

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