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Driving Traffic To Your Website Using Reddit

Sense the early 90’s internet marketing has been the leading force expanding the internet’s scope and power by generating billions of dollars. Over the past few years, online profitability and social networking have merged together into the online version of the “Wild Wild

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Niche Website: A Case Study of

I have taken on a new project to build a website from the ground up and gain first page recognition by completely avoiding any costly advertising campaigns like Google AdSense and specifically target free, organic, social networking communities like Twitter, MySpace, FaceBook, and

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Gutenberg Development 101

A useful guide for learning how to develop with WordPress Gutenberg. Learn how to create and extend Gutenberg Blocks Table Of Contents Introduction to Gutenberg Gutenberg is a new post and page editor for WordPress that will take place of the Classic Editor

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Senior Application Developer. Focused on WordPress, Magento, Web Security & Server Optimization. I also contribute to open source projects when I can.

I have a growing family and spend most of my free time with them, working on my personal health and fitness or small home improvement projects.