Hello, my name is Trevor Niemi. I am a senior application developer born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. I have a growing family and enjoy the great outdoors, personal health and general home maintenance.

Tech Skill Set

LAMP Stack

OOP PHP, MySql, Nginx, Zend, Laravel, SVN, Git, SOAP/REST, Magento, WordPress, Drupal, XML Parsing, OWS/SOAP

MEAN Stack

Angular1/2, ReactJS, MongoDB, ExpressJS, VirtualBox, Vagrant, Docker, ElasticSearch, Kibana, Logstash,  Akamai, Splunk

Front-End Stack

HTML5, Bootstrap, Foundation, jQuery, LESS, SASS, Media Queries, Angular, Knockout, Responsive Email Marketing

Hobbies & Interests

When I’m not working I spend my time at home with my growing family. With a one-and-a-half year old and another baby due in December most of my free time is focused on my daughter and pregnant wife. Working out, personal health and home maintenance are also part of my interests and daily routine. 

WordPress Development

Over 10 years experience working with different types of WordPress powered websites ranging from customizations and enhancements, plugin installations and customizations, WooCommerce store integrations, fixing hacked themes or plugins and everything in-between. WordPress is the #1 Content Management System in the world and it got that way by offering websites nearly unlimited customization potential for their websites. I can help you fix, update or customize your WordPress website.

Search Engine Optimization and Website Traffic

Ranking well for the target keywords your website is focused on is a challenging but incredibly rewarding experience if done correctly. As your website keyword placements improve, overall traffic to your website will also increase giving you more visitors and potential customers. Driving targeted traffic to a website using social media is another great way to send traffic to your website that would have not had organically clicked to your website through search engines. Social media marketing and the resulting traffic is a very assertive and direct way to drive additional traffic to your website and help improve your overall search engine presence by doing so.

Website Speed and Server Optimization

Google has stated that over 50% of website leaves occur because of website load time. There is very little time to keep a website click waiting for your webpage to load and there is very little incentive for web visitors to wait for a slow website to finish loading. With thousands of websites, products and social media platforms to find information keeping visitors on your website by delivering your content and products quickly is very important.

Web Shops and Transaction Handling

The internet is the #1 platform to find and purchase products in the world. That alone entices millions of people to move their own businesses, products and services on the world wide web. There are a number of popular website store solutions that website owners are using to build their web shops. WooCommerce, a WordPress powered plugin is a leading online shopping cart solution for WordPress users. Other companies like Wix and Squarespace offer pre-built (but very customizable) shopping experiences that can be plugged into your website in just a few short configuration and settings wizards.

Online Sales and Marketing

As many businesses know, having a storefront – be it online or offline – isn’t enough. Generating sales online can be difficult in certain product niches as all you have is your website design and the words on the page to build a trusting relationship with your visitor. Presenting a professional and well-designed website, store and checkout process is crucial to convert your visitors into buyers. A combination of search engine optimization, social media marketing and an optional advertising budget will drive direct and targeted traffic that your website needs to make sales.

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About Me

Senior Application Developer. Focused on WordPress, Magento, Web Security & Server Optimization. I also contribute to open source projects when I can.

I have a growing family and spend most of my free time with them, working on my personal health and fitness or small home improvement projects.