Hello, my name is Trevor Niemi. I am a senior application developer born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. I enjoy all things web from PHP and JavaScript to Servers and Infastructure.

12+ years of experience building different sized websites and portals for various customers ranging from “mom and pop” shops to large enterprise frameworks and application. I write about HTML, CSS, WordPress and Magento. Search Engine Optimization and Website Traffic as well as Website and Server Security are also topics of interest.

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Interested in both PHP and JavaScript I write about a number of different web topics, technologies, frameworks and libraries.


Open Source is growing. With PHP and now .NET moving to open source it’s important to both contribute and expand your knowledge base.

Gutenberg WordPress

Gutenberg is the up and coming post and page editor for WordPress. Introducing a new interface to design more feature rich content using blocks.

Web Security & Hosting

A reputable web host is crucial for online business success. Not all hosts are equal and some can even leave your website vulnerable to hacks & exploits.

Elementor For WordPress

Elementor is a popular page builder for WordPress and offers an amazing set of features and functions that make building WordPress websites super easy.

YouTube Channel

A growing library of videos ranging from PHP & JavaScript frameworks to server optimizations tips and general web discussion.

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About Me

Senior Application Developer. Focused on WordPress, Magento, Web Security & Server Optimization. I also contribute to open source projects when I can.

I have a growing family and spend most of my free time with them, working on my personal health and fitness or small home improvement projects.