Search Engine Optimization

seo-1Search engine optimization is an incredibly important aspect of any website. Being at the top of the search engines for competitive keywords is the difference between getting a couple sales a month and thousands of sales a month.

There are a number of sub-categories of search engine optimization that all work together to rank your website. On-page SEO (proper HTML, usage of headings, unique content), backlinks (off-page seo), paid advertising, email marketing and social media are all important areas of search engine optimization necessary to improving search engine rankings.

SEO and Marketing Tools I’ve Used:

Google Analytics, GA Event Tracking / Conversion Tracking, Omniture, Google Adwords, Google Adsense, Facebook Ad Campaigns, SEO Backlink (whitehat) campaigns, Social Media Campaigns, Online Auction Campaigning, Online Coupon Sales, Email Marketing, Geolocation Advertising, Event Driven Marketing (leave, return, re-conversion), affiliate marketing and more.

Recent Posts

Organic Search Engine Optimization

April 7, 2016

Organic growth is by far the best long term strategy for obtaining permanent front page search engine recognition. Without pay per click (PPC) advertising campaigns, the only way to obtain visits to your site is through some form of organic growth. Organic growth is a never ending process to develop website content, website popularity (visitors) […]

Organic SEO and Niche Marketing

April 7, 2016

Niche marketers tend to use an organic growth approach for marketing their products. A niche product is typically a very specific product oriented toward one sales angle. For example: Building Chicken Coops compared to Everything About Chickens or The 60 Yard Dash instead of Baseball Speed Training. What this allows for is a much less […]