nodeNode is as an asynchronous, event-driven framework built on the Google JS V8 Engine. Node is single-threaded and uses a concurrency model based on an event loop making it popular for its performance and the ability to perform parallel operations. Node.js also comes with built-in support for package management using NPM.

Currently in use by Microsoft, VMWare, Ebay, Yahoo, and many more top tech companies, Node.js is quickly proving itself to be a tried and tested server solution. Node is also open source, and cross-platform, running on Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux making adoption easy for all types of web applications.

NPM Packages I’ve Used:

angular, angular-cache, bluebird, express, express-handlebars, request, request-promise, svgxuse, browser-sync, gulp, karma, lodash, moment, node-sass and more.

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April 8, 2016

To setup a base installation of Angular.JS and Node.js with NPM you will first want to install Node.JS and NPM Next we will launch Command Prompt and initialize a new project. Create a new folder in your project library and navigate to the folder using Command Prompt. Once in the folder, type npm init. This […]