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AngularJS: Creating a simple API Promise Factory

Many Angular applications require external API calls to Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) data. Creating a reusable API factory simplifies the API call process by introducing a global CRUD object that can be used across all of your controllers. Promises are a core feature of AngularJS and uses the $http service to perform HTTP GETs, […]

Install Angular.JS, Node.JS, Express and MongoDB with Bootstrap using NPM in under 10 minutes

To setup a base installation of Angular.JS and Node.js with NPM you will first want to install Node.JS and NPM Next we will launch Command Prompt and initialize a new project. Create a new folder in your project library and navigate to the folder using Command Prompt. Once in the folder, type npm init. This […]

AngularJS: Loading spinner during view state changes and API calls

AngularJS allows developers to create powerful web applications in a seamless, single-page experience. However, during state changes and API calls it’s important to indicate to the visitor that the next view or API response is still processing. Without a loading spinner it can feel as though nothing is happening while back-end API calls complete and […]